…For the Love of Live Music

09/14Kukuly Uriarte and the Gypsy Fire

10/4 Jimmy Davis

11/15 Sam Lewis

12/6 Bobby Thompson
1/31 Royal Hounds
2/14 The Fairview Union

The 2019 – 2020 Concert Season

Feb 14

The Fairview Union

Jan 31

The Royal Hounds

Dec 6

Bobby Thompson

Nov 15

Sam Lewis

Oct 4

Jay Clark

Sept 15

Kukuly Uriarte and the Gypsy Fire

About Roane Song

Five and a half years ago we hosted our first live music show at a restaurant in Ladd Landing, Kingston. We’ve had five different venues but the goal has stayed the same: Bring good people together to commune and experience good live music in Roane County Tennessee.

It is a labor of love for us. We have had the Animal Cracker box as our cash register from the very first show. It was a gift from a friend and somehow seems appropriate. All of your gate money goes into it and at the end of the night some of the money goes to the venue and the rest goes to the artists. They work hard and deserve every penny. The only reimbursement we take is the joy of listening to hand picked musicians and communing with our friends.

Our shows are house concerts in nature. We are here to listen. Folks are welcome to bring food and adult beverages. We sell nothing.
Please spread the word and bring new people every chance you get. The music needs friends.

~ Steve

Andrew Leheay with Steve

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